Moray Carshare

The perfect alternative to car ownership!


Price Plans for Cars (includes e-bike access)

Comparing the different prices of Membership:

You can find the prices for the three types of individual Membership all on one sheet here.

Organisational Membership:

We also offer a special price plan for local not-for-profit organisations. Click here for details of our Organisational Scheme.

Mileage charges:

From 20.4p per mile, with an 8.4p premium on the first 20 miles of any trip. See the above price plans for full details.
Fuel cards are provided in our cars and members use these to put fuel in the vehicle when it gets below a half tank.

You could Save more than £800 per year, or £70 per month!

Compare with owning your own car

For a typical member, who uses a car 25 hours a month and 2,000 miles/year:

Cost of item per year Own small car Moray Carshare
Depreciation £850 -
Insurance £419 -
Service, MOT & Repairs £400 -
Road Tax £165 -
Petrol (45mpg & £1.45 per litre) £293 -
Subscription (Contract Member) - £330
Hourly Charges (£1.51 per hour) - £453
Mileage Charges (average of £0.23 per mile) - £460
TOTAL £2,127 £1,243

Electric Bikes only Price Plan


per hour


per day


per week


per month

Annual subscription: £31.
Joining fee:                  £0.