Moray Carshare

The perfect alternative to car ownership!

How it works - 4 simple steps


Apply online. If your application is approved, we will offer you an introduction session within a week.


Use your smartphone or computer to book one of our cars or e-bikes located in Forres, Findhorn, Kinloss, Aberlour and Craigellachie.


Fetch the car from its reserved parking bay, drive wherever you need to go, then return the car to the same place.


We email you a bill at the end of each month based on how many hours and miles you have driven.
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Liam & Bryony: “We have found Moray Carshare to be a great way to avoid the financial and environmental effects of keeping more than 1 car. As a family we need one car, but only need a second one once or twice a week so the car club is perfect for that. It’s also great to have the option of using electric vehicles to further reduce our carbon footprint, and also to have the use of a larger towing vehicle when needed.”

Andre: “I am retired and really didn’t need a car every day so, a couple of years ago, when I sold my last car, I decided to try Moray Carshare. It was definitely the right decision and my experience of the car club has been a very good one. Whenever I need a car, even at short notice, I can book one within walking distance.”

Why Join a Car Club?


Joining a car club can save you over £1,000 a year! The car club pays for insurance, depreciation, repairs etc. You only pay for what you use!
Check our prices and compare the costs.


Avoid all the hassle of owning, maintaining and parking your own car! We have 15 cars and 14 e-bikes spread across Forres, Findhorn, Kinloss and Aberlour.


1/3 of our fleet is electric and all the other cars are chosen for their low emissions.

Tessa: “I really don’t need a car very often, so I don’t want to waste the money on having my own – with all the hassle of insurance, MOT and repairs. I also love that Moray Carshare has electric cars that are not putting any CO2 into the atmosphere, so I can do my bit to reduce global warming.”

Nick: “I joined Moray Carshare because I wanted to save money and save the planet. At that time I didn’t need a car to go to work: some weeks I wouldn’t use a car at all, other weeks I used one on most days. Moray Carshare gives me that flexibility – because you only pay for what you use.”

Beverley: “I have always cycled locally, but having affordable access to the e-bikes now lets me explore much further without using a car – so I can reduce my CO2 emissions. And with the panniers, even a major shopping trip is easy.”

Alexandra: “I have always enjoyed cycling. I thought e-bikes were just for wimps. But when I tried one I was so amazed. It still feels like cycling, but I can do much longer trips with it. Now I can cycle to places I wouldn’t have dreamed of visiting on my normal bike.”

Our Values

Caring for the Environment

We choose vehicles and design our services so we minimise our impact on the natural environment, while still meeting the needs of the individual.

Strengthening Community

Sharing resources implicitly encourages connection and cooperation. We design our services to include a diverse range of people, e.g. through affordable pricing and providing child seats.

Ethical Business

We are a member-controlled charity (SCIO) and all profits go back into providing new or improved services. Our guiding principles are effectiveness, fairness and transparency.

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You may contact us by using any of the following details.

01309 720 120
Office number, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

0300 1212 744
Helpline for members use is for urgent calls outside office hours.

Unit 8, Horizon Scotland
The Enterprise Park
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